How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2021 Share Quick

In general, adding relevant, keyword phrase rich descriptive data and Title are still solid bits of advice as is making sure videos are at least 30 seconds long, content appears unique, vids are coordinated for release with social media accounts, content on your website. Use social media platforms to promote your videos to bring awareness, look at competitors to see how they are using videos…etc. Lots of tips available.

The more engagement your video receives, the higher it will rank according to Youtube ranking factors. To increase engagement, encourage viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your videos. To really elevate Youtube video engagement, share your videos on other platforms, including on social media and in blog posts.

Make a Great Video

This goes without saying. All the great SEO in the world can’t save your crappy video.

Title and Description

Title and description are the most important metadata when it comes to SEO. Tags are out, and are essentially only useful at this point for rank tracking that TubeBuddy adds to them, or for improving your CPM, but that’s some advanced stuff we’re not gonna cover here.

Make your title the search term (or terms, if you picked two), and format it in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Our search terms “how to train dog to walk on leash without pulling” and “beginner dog training basics” can become:

“How to Train Dog to Walk On Leash Without Pulling – Beginner Dog Training Basics”

Cool. Now write a paragraph or two in your description describing your video and (here’s the important part) use your phrases once or twice in the paragraph in natural-sounding sentences. DO NOT just keyword dump your phrases in there without nice sentences constructed around them, Google can tell, and will punish you.

Tags, while not useful for SEO ranking, are helpful for the stats that Tubebuddy and VidIQ place on them in your edit page. For your tags, I’d add your phrases as a single tag each, then a few other small variations. TubeBuddy and VidIQ will help you track your rank by displaying your search rank on these tags when you check them out later in the Details page of the video.

Cool. Done. Repeat for the next video and move on. There’s not much you can do beyond what you’ve already done, and dwelling on whether or not this one video will succeed can paralyze you. Never put all your eggs in one…uh….video-basket. Each video is a seed you’re planting, and not all of them will grow. Move on.

I always set my default tags now to include the release number and the occasional time I upload from mobile (where default tags don’t apply) the videos do poorly unless I remember to add them manually.

Like everyone I’ve occasionally had a video be unexpectedly unsuccessful. I have noticed a strong correlation between those videos, and ones where I forget to put in tags.

The most significant tag is the one for the version of the game.

If someone searches “path of exile 3.13 (search term)” my 3.12 era videos will be unlikely to get found, even if they are a perfect match. Likewise any video I don’t add the 3.13 tag to will be unlikely to be found.

I don’t include 3.13 in the name unless they are about the 3.13 release, nor does it appear in the description.

About how to improve cpm

Sure thing. CPM is still largely tied to the topic of your channel and video, but you can nudge it up a little bit by including certain tags (as well as using these words in your description), but you’ll need to know how to use and have access to Google Keyword Planner, along with a basic understanding of how google’s ads work.

Using Keyword Planner’s “Keyword Ideas” mode, type in a few terms related to your video. Then look through the keywords it gives you, finding relevant keywords that have especially high Top Of Page Bids (the amount it costs to advertise on this keyword). Put these in your tags, as well as your description (in natural sounding sentences) and you might find it affects your CPM positively.

Note: do not just grab any high-volume keyword. It’s gotta be relevant to your video. Your CPM won’t just go up because you stuck the “bitcoin” in your tags, you’ll get your video taken down for tag manipulation.

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